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Why Use Organic Soil For Your Backyard Garden

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Why Do We Need A Chemical Free Gardening Revolution?

Healthy organic soil is a living organism teeming with microscopic life that is essential to maintain life on the planet. It is  maintained by chemical free gardening.
For decades both commercial farmers and backyard gardeners have relied on chemical fertilisers to boost plant growth and on chemical sprays and poisons to control all manner of pests and diseases. 
There have been serious consequences to this heavy dependence on chemical sprays and fertilisers.
1. A frightening percentage of the world's soils are dead or dying even in our own backyard gardens.
2. Much of the  fresh plant produce we eat lacks vital nutrients that are needed to maintain good health.
3. Even now, harmful sprays and chemicals are still being consumed with the fresh food that people enjoy.

We urgently need an organic gardening revolution to protect the health of our soils, the plants they grow and the well-being of our own families.

Sustainable Organic Gardening Is The Solution To Save Our Soils 

Organic Gardening Is For Aussie Backyards 

The Garden Shed Nursery and Sustainable Soil Solutions are organic growing initiatives created by David Jarrett of Palmwoods. Sustainable Soil Solutions is the official independent auditor for the Chemical Free Farmers Association of Australia. This association provides organic farm certification to Aussie farmers.
Dave's passion is to bring the benefits of sustainable organic farming to the backyards of Australia. Even if your "backyard" is a high rise balcony on a city block, organic gardening is possible.
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Soil Solutions

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Soil Testing Service

Stop! Why spend money on additives your soil doesn't need? A scientific soil test tells you exactly what your soil needs. Why guess?
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Organic Soil Boosters

The microbes in your soil need food to do their job. Bring your soil back to life with premium organic soil boosters and composts.
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Organic Plant Food

Discover the proven organic plant foods that certified organic farmers use. Be part of the backyard organic revolution.
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Organic Pest Control

Insist on using safe organic sprays to control disease, pests and weeds. Protect your family's health and the environment.

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