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CITRUS5 your codeword for 5 percent off

Healthy New Citrus Stock

Just because it's Christmas there's a 5 percent discount on all citrus stock Till the new year.
Your codeword is CITRUS5 to get your 5 prcent discount. 
Remember, we are not able to ship fruit tree stock. Please visit The Garden Shed Nursery at Palmwoods to purchase your citrus trees.
5 Little Main Street Palmwoods QLD 4555
Dave has been able to source a wide variety of quality citrus stock.

Red centre limes, Tahitian limes, grpefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins and more, they are ready at the nursery.

BTW, if you forget the codeword CITRUS5 for your 5 percent discount, just tell Dave you saw the discount offer on this blog. He won't let you down!
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