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Erdon Lee Lychees Are Delicious!

Apologies: the Newsletter said video. Should have been photo gallery.

January is lychee season on the Sunshine Coast. Just a couple of days ago, Dave returned to the nursery with a box of Erdon Lees and several packets of regular lychee varieties.

The first thing that grabs you about the Erdon Lee variety is the size. The pictures say it all. The fruit is huge compared to the regular varieties that we buy. 

The Erdon Lee lychee stock was recently sourced from China, the home of lychees. Stock is still limited and The Garden Shed Nursery here in Palmwoods is one of the two retail nurseries where they are available.

This variety is particularly suited to the sub-tropical climate of south-east Queensland. They like it warm but will do well during winter so long as the frosts leave them alone.

Erdon Lees like a sunny position, need plenty of water, especially in this hot weather, but no fertilizer. Most home gardeners kill off their lychees with not enough water and by applying fertilizer. They can benefit from a sprinkle of slow-release fertilizer once or perhaps twice a year at most.

The Taste Test

Size is one thing but what about the taste of this monster lychee?

In a nutshell, delicious!

I'm personally a little skeptical when I see fruit or vegetables that are way bigger than the average. Erdon Lee lychees pass the taste test for me and also for the lucky visitors to the shop last Friday when the box of Erdon Lees arrived.

The flesh is juicy, tender, sweet and there's plenty of it.

The seeds are bigger which is to be expected but only by proportion.

The three seeds in the picture are interesting. The Erdon Lee is the largest seed on the right. The tiny seed of the three is from one of the common varieties available.

The taste, size and nutrition of the Erdon Lee lychee is proving to make it a popular choice for backyard gardeners. 

Plant Stock

The nursery also took delivery of new stocks of Erdon Lee lychee trees last week, ready to be planted out.

Two of these young trees actually have one or two lychees already growing on them. This is a product of the grafting technique used as it normally takes two years for the plant to mature and to produce its first crop.

Dave plans to hold these two trees for a while to watch their development. When they are released for planting, the fruit will be removed so all the energy can go into establishing the tree.

The Erdon Lee lychee stock is available at The Garden Shed Nursery at Palmwoods.

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