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Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Family Health
You'll enjoy a visit to Anne Gibson's website. Anne is a micro gardening expert and has so much to share. if you're a bit curious about micro gardening, click on the button below.
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A Frontyard Garden With A Difference

Vegetables growing in the frontyard garden, mixed with a variety of edible flowers is something of a sensation.
However, for Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener, this is the way it's done, There's fresh organic produce for the kitchen and the garden creates a great place to relax.
Growing greens and herbs  like lettuce, baby spinach, bok choy, rocket, parsley and radishes traditionally  belongs to the backyard. Adding edible flowers to the vege patch in the frontyard is something to think about.
Nasturtiums have always been popular in Aussie gardens. The sip of nectar and the tangy bite of the flowers and leaves is probably something we all tried as kids. The variety of edible flowers we can grow and use in our kitchens demands a post of its own.
Frontyard or backyard, it all starts with the soil. Organic chemical free soil grows healthy plants that are so beneficial to the health of our families. 
The soil in the frontyard garden in the picture gallery has been boosted with a cow poo compost that plants love. The new garden bed that is almost ready to plant has the same rich mix and will flourish as spring takes hold on the Sunshine Coast.
Today's lifestyle is rather hectic for most people. But a garden, no matter how small or how large is something valuable to plan for. Even a balcony in an apartment has potential. 
Remember: Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Family Health
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