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Gardening Augers

The Garden Auger

Gardeners are always on the lookout for tools that make the job easier. The Garden Auger is one of those innovative inventions.  
The auger is designed to be used in any 12mm power drill. As a word of warning, set the drill to its low speed and set the torque at a level that will give way if the auger hooks a tree root or some other obstacle. Take care with your wrists.
The auger has many uses in the garden and around the home. 
It's ideal for mixing potting soils and composts. These can be mixed in a wheelbarrow, in the garden bed in a large garden pot  or even in a Vegepod. 
Looking to plant a fruit tree? The auger is ideal for digging the hole to the size and depth you want. Several auger-sized holes easily extend the size of the hole to what the fruit tree needs. 
Then the auger can be used to mix in the cow manure compost with the soil to give the new fruit tree a real boost. 
Weeding and tilling garden beds can be a chore. But, the auger makes the task so much easier. Carefully work your way around your plants so as not to damage the root systems.
Some have wondered why The Garden Shed supplies the auger in three sizes - 300mm, 500mm and 800mm. In the end it's a matter of personal choice and how you like to work. 
The 500mm option is the most popular. It gets close to the action but has sufficient length to be comfortable to use. The 800mm is ideal for older folks who don't bend as easily as they once did. 
The usefulness of The Garden Auger is up to our imagination. Rumour has it that it's even been used to mix cement. And why not?
It's true, people do wonder what they ever did without their Garden Auger.
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