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June Newsletter Giveaway

June Newsletter Giveaway
Dave and Elisha Maddock with her blueberry plants

It's Blueberry Time for Elisha Maddock

For Elisha Maddock it's time to plant blueberries. Elisha lives at Buderim and was delighted to be the winner of the Newsletter fruit tree draw for June.

Congratulations Elisha!

It's exciting how blueberries have become so popular in the last few years in Australia. Traditionally, blueberries belong to colder climates but with some careful selection, expert Aussie plant breeders have developed varieties that thrive in our sub-tropical climate here on the Sunshine Coast.

Blueberries are a small shrub and do best in a good sized pot which means they are great for growing in confined spaces, even on balconies. There's another article on our Blog that talks in more detail about growing blueberries.

Of course it's the fruit that we love from blueberry bushes. Fresh or frozen or baked in a muffin, they're a treat for any palate.

The dark blue-to-purple colour is an indicator that blueberries are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients and so are beneficial for our health.

Stocks are in demand at The Nursery so check with Dave on 0401 541 962 so you won't be disappointed.
Blueberries at The Nursery
Blueberries ready for potting out
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