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Suggested PlantingGuide for June/July 2019

South-East Queensland Sub-tropical Climate

Flower Buds Ready To Produce Seeds
The following planting guide is designed to suggest some ideas of what to plant in your garden as we move into winter. 

Some plants are best planted as seeds. Others are best planted as seedlings. 

The months listed suggest the time you can expect to start harvesting the crop if planted in early June. 
A Healthy Young Tatsoi
Beetroot. Seeds. August.
Broad beans. Seeds. October.
Cabbage. Seedlings. August.
Carrots. Seeds. October.
Cauliflower. Seedlings. October.
Celeriac. Seedlings. October.
Celery. Seedlings. October.
Chicory. Seeds. November.
Chives. Seeds. September.
Collards. Seedlings. September.
Endive. Seeds. September.
Garlic. Cloves. November.
Kale. Seedlings. August.
Kohlrabi. Seeds. September.
Lettuce. Seedlings. August.
Mustard greens. Seeds. August.
Parsnip. Seeds. November.
Peas. Seeds. September.
Radish. Seeds. August.
Rocket. Seeds. August.
Shallots. Seeds. October.
Silverbeet. Seeds. September.
Snow peas. Seeds. October.
Plant seedlingsPlant seedlings
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