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Kokodama with hanger and birds nest fern
The Kokodama makes an ideal hanging basket display.
Two Kokodama Hanging
Kokodama for a vertical display

              Kokodama For Christmas!

What's a Kokodama?  
A Kokodama is a handmade plant container made from natural coconut fibre.  
The coconut fibre is molded into a durable ball-shaped container and can be used for planting a wide variety of plants. 
The current stock of Kokodama at The Garden Shed Nursery at Palmwoods  comes in sizes ranging from 150mm to over 300mm and are planted with attractive bird's nest ferns.
If you've ever lived in the tropics or visited the Pacific Islands, you'll know how valuable the coconut palm is in these communities. It's good to see that the coconut fibre is now being utilised in so many ways including Kokodama planters.
An established Kokodama is easy to care for. Simply soak the the Kokodama ball in a bowl or bucket for about 10 minutes twice a week especially in the hot summer weather. A water depth up to about half the height of the fibre ball is ideal.
At The Garden Shed Nursery we supply each Kokodama with a cradle and hook that turns the Kokodama into a hanging basket display. The Kokodama can be hung one under the other for a larger vertical display.
With Christmas just around the corner, here's a great idea for a special gift for that special person who loves indoor plants. They'll surely love the uniqueness of a thriving Kokodama.
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