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Let's Make Mud Pies!

Some of us grew up as kids in the days of mud pies. We got to race around the bush bare-foot, fall into the creek and just enjoy getting dirty. We even did some gardening and got dirt under our fingernails. The clean-up after all this fun was something else but we endured it.

We were happy and relaxed and the reason was dirt. Well, not entirely the dirt but the dirt helped a lot. Yep! Dirt is good for us. Making mud pies helped us relax and enjoy ourselves. Racing around the bush gave us a healthy dose of bacteria.

Then came Prozac and other anti-depressants? They worked, after a fashion. But still, there is dirt.

Feeling down, stressed, depressed? Try some gardening. There's something about working in the soil that is relaxing. The exercise is great but then there are the bacteria. Good bacteria.

We now know that a teaspoon of living garden soil contains billions of bacteria. Soil is a complex living organism (so long as we have not killed it with chemicals). Yes, there are harmful bacteria but so many of the bacteria in soil are essential for providing the nutrients that plants need to grow and thrive.

Introducing Mycobacterium vaccae, the one bacteria that has an amazing impact on stimulating the human immune system and helping us to relax and maintain our happy disposition.

It was Christopher Lowry, a neuroscientist from the University of Colorado, who pioneered the research about the impact that Mycobacterium vaccae can have on our moods and well-being.

Lowry discovered that Mycobacterium vaccae stimulates a group of neurons in the human brain that produce serotonin. We could go into a lot of science at this point but simply put, serotonin is important in regulating a range of body and mental functions such as, metabolism, appetite, sleep, aggression, anger, mood, anxiety, motor activity, coping responses to stress and more.l
Organic cow manure compost
Dave 'n Dirt - rich living organic soil!
Radishes Love Organic Soil
Just dirt but full of good bacteria
Now that's quite a list for one bacteria that is so common in the soil. The thing is that Mycobacterium vaccae can find it's way into our brains where it is needed without our knowing it. We can breath it in, we can ingest it with food, it can enter through breaks in our skin.

We can get it by working in the garden, making mud pies, getting outdoors into nature or simply by walking through the bush. It's not only in the soil but it is also airborne. There's plenty to go around if we can be in the right place. Dense city living may make it a little harder to benefit from Mycobacterium vaccae but the effort to get closer to nature is worth it.

What we are saying here is that medicines such as Prozac are also designed to stimulate the production of serotonin. Mycobacterium vaccae does the same without the side-effects and possibly even does it better.

So, you want to brighten your day, ease the stress? Head out into the garden, pick some carrots or lettuce, do some work around the yard, head off to the local park or take a walk in the bush. Don't worry about getting dirty. Don't sterilise your carrots and lettuce to death. It's all about getting enough dirt, oops, Mycobacterium vaccae, to keep you happy and relaxed.

We've been hearing some reports of late that we are paying too much attention to creating a sterile environment for children, even at an early age. It's not just the Mycobacterium vaccae in the mud pies. Research is showing that children raised on farms and in rural communities where they have constant contact with the soil and the bush do benefit by developing stronger immune systems. Interesting!

Of course there is a difference between filth and dirt, diseased soil and healthy soil. Should we be keeping our kids squeaky clean all the time? Probably not the best idea when a bit of good clean fun in the dirt can have so many benefits.

Somebody has coined the phrase, "Nature deficiency disorder." Mycobacterium vaccae is a major defense, found in good old healthy dirt.
Contented cows on green pastures
Lots of Mycobacterium vaccae for Contented Cows on Green Pastures
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