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Make It A Fruit Tree Christmas Gift

Fruit trees are always a valuable addition to any backyard garden. Now, with the dwarf varieties readily available, we can enjoy them on a balcony or veranda growing in a suitable pot.
The Garden Shed Nursery stocks a variety of fruit trees that keeps changing with the seasons. Importantly, the trees are suited to the sub-tropical climate of Queensland's south-east corner.
The picture gallery on this page is a sample of the trees held in stock at this point in time.
A fruit tree is a unique gift idea but take care that the person you are thinking of has the room to make good use of the tree. 
By the way, you may even get to eat some of the fruits of your gift in time!
Fruit Trees

Popular Fruit Tree Varieties 

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Please note that fruit trees and other plant stock are available for pick-up at The Garden Shed Nursery. We do not ship them by courier or post.
Location: 5 Little Main Street Palmwoods QLD 4555
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