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A Brief Hello

Thank you for sharing your details to receive this newsletter. Organic gardening is a challenge that many of have taken up and I'm sure there is much we can share on this website and on The Garden Shed Nursery Facebook page.
If you live within driving distance of Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast or you are visiting the area, you are welcome to visit the shop for a chat. The shop is closed every Monday. 
The need for chemical-free produce for our food is a growing concern for many people. That's why backyard gardening is making a comeback. 
The challenge starts with reviving our soils with sound organic gardening practices. 
My current role as webmaster and editor of our newsletter matches my own interest in organic gardening. 
If there is anything that you can contribute to this newsletter I would love to hear from you. I cannot promise to publish everything but many of you have valuable know-how that we can share.

Looking forward to the future,

Ray Smith
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