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Rosalyn Tuckett Won The November Draw

The feijoa is a popular fruit in New Zealand. Rosalyn has New Zealand connections and was happy to choose the feijoa for the November fruit tree draw. 

The feijoa is also known as the pineapple guava. For those who like scientific names it's Acca sellowiana or sometimes Feijoa sellowiana.

The feijoa is an evergreen small bushy tree that can grow to 5 metres. It produces a tasty aromatic fruit that is eaten fresh, in fruit salad or in jam or jelly. The attractive flower petals are edible and sweet.


The feijoa fruit is about the size of an egg and stays green and becomes soft when ripe. Their fruity aroma may account for the common name of pineapple guava and has a flavour blend of pineapple and strawberry.

The flesh of the fruit is a pale cream colour and is rich in vitamin C.

Growing Conditions

Feijoas like fertile, well drained soil with plenty of sun. They are somewhat drought resistant but like to be well watered especially in the hot months.

They thrive in rich composted soil and a rich slow release nitrogen fertiliser late in winter is recommended.

The tree is often kept pruned to a single trunk to promote new fruiting wood close to the trunk each year.

Feijoa November Draw Rosalyn
Rosalyn Tuckett and Dave Jarrett
Feijoa or pineapple guava
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