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Citrus Tree Gallery

October Special - $5 Off Any Citrus Tree In Stock

Citrus fruit is always in demand, especially if it's chemical-free and quality fruit. One way to guarantee that is to grow your own citrus tree or trees if space permits.
The Garden Shed Nursery at Palmwoods has a carefully selected range of well established citrus trees ready for planting - limes, lemons, oranges, mandarins and grapefruit. 

The good news is that for the month of October you can save $5 per tree on any of our citrus stock. 

Spring is a good time to plant your citrus and to get it established during the warm months. 
The Tahitian Lime is a wise choice for any backyard garden or orchard. Limes are expensive in the shops and an established lime tree can produce for nine months of the year or even more at times. Lime juice is great in drinks, on salads, on fish, in curries - in fact it goes well with most things and the health benefits of a freshly squeezed lime are not to be missed.
Dave at the Garden Shed Nursery knows citrus and will be ready with some good advice on how to produce lots of delicious fruit from your tree.
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