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How to make an olla

Watering With Ollas

Porous clay pots have been used for thousands of years to water plants. It is an effective way to get the water down to the root zone where the plats most need it.

The video describes one way any backyard gardener can make ollas without spending a fortune.

By the way, the word is spelt "ollas" (plural) but pronounced "oy-yahs." 

Bunnings have a good supply of Italian terracotta pots in stock. These are the pots used in the video.

Ollas are a simple but effective watering idea. It's iust a matter of keeping the pots topped up every day or two, depending on the weather. 

It's best not to let the ollas dry out because the roots of the plants are attracted to the new water supply and the plants depend on it.
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