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Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Family Health
Dave Jarrett Organic Farming

Meet David Jarrett

Dave Jarrett - business-man, farmer and farm auditor has been an organic agriculture guru for over 20 years. 
...turning dirt into soil and soil into profit...
Profit is the bottom line for farmers.
However, for backyard gardeners it's all about chemical-free home-grown food for the kitchen. In other words it's better health for the whole family.
The Garden Shed Nursery at 5 Little Main Street Palmwoods was established to  encourage and support farmers in their efforts to register as certified organic growers, be it plants or animals.

Now For The Aussie Backyard Gardeners

Dave is passionate about putting organically grown food on Australian tables for one simple reason. 
Many of us with grey hair clearly remember the days when a number of health issues that are endemic today were almost unknown. There must be a reason for this.
The odds are very high that at least some of these health issues start with the DIRT on our farms.

Healthy Veges Just Don't Grow In Dirt!!!

Healthy veges grow in living soil. These are soils rich in organic humus, minerals and all the nutrients that plants love.
Some statistics still are beyond me but any soil scientist knows that there are more living microbes in a handfull of living soil than there are people on our planet. 
We all know where the problem lies. Chemical fertilisers, chemical pesticides, chemical fungicides, chemical herbicides are pure poison for the microbes living in the soil. The end-point is dirt, aka, dead soil.
Vast areas of our Australian farmlands are biologically dead. Our heavy reliance on chemicals has turned living soil into dirt and we continue to pump more and more expensive chemicals into the soil to feed the nation.
The picture opposite is a pile of composted cow poo in Dave's backyard with a head of steam. 
There are billions of living mictrobes working in this pile of poo and they generate energy that heats the soil to the point of releasing steam. 
This is rich, living compost from cows raised and fed on chemical-free farms. There's simply no better compost for backyard gardeners anywhere.
Cow Poo Compost
Lush Organic Garden

The Solution Starts With Soil

Every gardener knows this. Rich organic soil is the foundation. We have simple methods at our fingertips to enrich our soils and then to keep the plants healthy as they grow and mature. 
We have ready access to a whole range of chemical-free organic products to grow our backyard plots.
prepared organic composts
composts from kitchen scraps, leaf litter, garden waste
organic fertilisers
organic pesticides
organic fungicides
organic herbicides
and a measure of good Aussie know-how and common sense.
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