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A1 Premium Soil Test

It's what you can't see that makes good soil.
It's minerals, it's nutrients, it's microbes. It's living soil!

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A Premium Soil Test Will Unlock The Secrets To A Healthy Backyard Garden

1. Know Your Soil
Even experienced gardeners who were sure their soil was in top condition have discovered serious deficiencies.
Only a professional lab analysis can tell the full story about your soil.
2. Save Money
It can be cheaper to give the soil just what the test says it needs. Guesswork can be very expensive when it comes to improving soil.
3. Grow Healthy Food
Plants will "survive" even if the soil lacks key nutrients and minerals. However, second best is not good enough when it comes to healthy garden produce.

Take The Three Steps To Living Soil

1. Your Soil Sample
It only takes ten minutes or so to prepare your soil sample. Simply follow the instructions we provide and send us your soil sample.
2. Soil Analysis
Dave Jarrett from The Garden Shed Nursery personally analyses your premium soil test results based on his wide experience in soil testing.
Dave prepares a simple but detailed report outlining exactly what you need to do to bring your soil back to life.
3. Your Solution
Remember, it will take time for your soil to regain the life it lost but you will enjoy the benefits of increased yields and healthy produce for years to come when you follow this plan. Enjoy!

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