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Queensland Fruit Fly Life Cycle

Additional Information

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has produced an informative document on the Queensland fruit fly. Click the button below to download it as an Acrobat pdf file.
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The Queensland Fruit Fly

Maggots in your fruit!! It's not just the maggots, it's the bacteria that come with them that sends the fruit rotten. It's summer and fruit flies are out doing what fruit flies do - destroy your fruit and veges.

We have the Queensland fruit fly to blame all up and down the Australian east coast. 

Western Australia has the Mediterranean fruit fly which is just as damaging to fruit. 

South Australia sits in between and fights a relentless battle to keep fruit flies of every variety out of their fresh fruit and vegetable crops.

There are reasons why state governments are so strict about carrying fresh produce across state borders and designated areas within their states. Fruit fly infestations have destroyed the incomes of many orchardists and farmers in the past and we do well to do our part to stop the spread of such destroyers.

The Fruit Fly Life Cycle

In Queensland, given the right conditions of temperature and moisture, the life cycle of the Queensland fruit fly can be as short as two or three weeks. This is scary when we realise how fast an attack can grow to disastrous proportions.

1. A fertile female lays a cluster of maybe 10 to 12 eggs in the flesh of newly forming or ripe fruit.

2. Within a couple of days these eggs hatch into larvae, better known as maggots, that gorge themselves on the ripening fruit and spread bacterial disease as they go. The fruit goes rotten.

3. Given a week, sometimes more in colder climates, the mature maggots drop out of the fruit into the ground where they pupate for another week or more.

4. From their underground hideout, both male and female fruit flies emerge in frightening numbers to start the cycle all over again.

5. This cycle can be repeated multiple times in a single growing season. 

Fruit Fly Controls

Anybody who grows fruit and vegetables in their backyard should know how to deal with fruit fly infestations.

1. Male fruit fly traps are used as indicators that fruit flies are about. Large numbers can be caught and drowned in the traps but it only takes one active male fruit fly to impregnate many females.

2. DeadFly is an organic lure that attracts only male Queensland fruit flies to the trap where they drown in the liquid lure. DeadFly does NOT attract the Mediterranean fruit fly.

3. It is also necessary to spray any trees, shrubs or vegetables that may come under attack with an organic knock-down spray. An effective organic spray is eco-naturalure.  This spray is effective on Queensland and Mediterranean fruit flies.

4. Eco-naturalure does not need to cover the whole tree or plant to be effective. Spot spraying of about 30 cm at regular intervals is OK. Spraying weekly or after rain is recommended.
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