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Delcia Sorensen Winner Red Centre Lime
Delcia Sorensen with her Red Centre Lime and Dave Jarrett from The Garden Shed Nursery.
Red Centre Lime Tree Stock

Delcia Chose a Red Centre Lime Tree

Delcia Sorensen from Chevallum won the September draw for a free fruit tree and chose the Red Centre Lime tree. This will add colour and taste to Delcia's already prolific garden. 

One of Delcia's favourite garden projects is her large Vegepod. Rumour has it she is waiting for a special lettuce plant to go to seed for re-planting. The problem is it's trying to grow through the Vegepod canopy, it's growing so well.

The Red Centre Lime

The Red Centre Lime was developed by the CSIRO in Australia. It produces a tangy thumb-sized fruit with amazing blood red skin and a flavour that packs a punch!

Great in jams, eat it fresh (skin and all!) or create your own kitchen masterpieces. Try them with freshly shucked oysters, make your own cool drinks, use them in stirfry, dipping sauces or squeezed over a nice piece of barbequed fish...mmmmmm.

CARE: Grows best in a sunny spot. Plants will grow to approximately 2m or you can keep it smaller if grown in a pot and trimmed regularly.

When planting make sure the tree has good drainage.This is done best by planting on a mound of about 5cm. The lime tree likes to be fed regularly with an organic manure. In a pot use a 3-4 month slow release fertiliser or a small amount of citrus food.

Use potassium based fertiliser once flowering occurs.

Keep the area beneath the tree free from competing grass and weeds. Remove any shoots below the graft. These shoots are more prickly and have different shaped leaves.
Red Centre Lime Tree
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