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Dave and Jacki Hinchey who chose a Verdon Lee Lychee

September Newsletter Giveaway

Congratulations to Jacki Hinchey, winner of the September Newsletter draw.

The Erdon Lee lychee that Jacki chose is a relatively new variety to Australia but the quality and size of the fruit makes it a very popular choice for backyard gardeners.

The Erdon Lee is well suited to the sub-tropical climate of the Sunshine Coast. It is a warm climate variety but will do well during winter in frost free areas.

They like a sunny position and need plenty of water and little to no fertiliser.

Home gardeners tend to kill off their lychee trees with not enough water and by applying fertilizer. That being said, they can benefit from a sprinkle of slow-release fertilizer once or perhaps twice a year at most.

The size of the Erdon Lee fruit is extraordinary and the taste is delicious, truly an asset in any backyard garden

Stocks of the Erdon Lee at the nursery vary because they are in high demand and there are a limited number of growers producing plant stock.
The Erdon Lee fruit is large - 50 to 100 gm each
The Erdon Lee has plenty of juicy flesh
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