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One of the biggest challenges for backyard gardeners is how good the soil is. Will it produce an abundant harvest? Is there a vital mineral missing? Should I go organic? Is organic gardening possible or am I forced to use chemicals and poisons to control all the bugs and diseases?

Soil Testing - An Introduction

Soil testing is a scientific tool used to assess the amount of plant available nutrients in the soil. 
The test is also used to identify limitations to plant growth. This can include:
  • pH - acid/alkaline
  • soil structure
  • salinity - various salt content
  • sodicity - sodium content
  • low nutritional status
  • excesive nutritional status
  • and more....
The attached image shows a typical Premium Soil Analysis report. 
This is a complex report for backyard gardeners to understand. Sustainable Soil Solutions does supply a "Soil Test Interpretation Guide" that is helpful but there is a lot of reading in a 28-page inyerpretation guide. 

Dave's Recommendations

If this complexity of the Premium Soil Analysis Report scares you, help is at hand. David Jarrett is experienced in interpreting such reports.
For every test completed through The Garden Shed Nursery, Dave will interpret the report based on his in-depth knowledge of soil testing.
You will receive a clearly defined summary of what yor soil needs. Dave will itemise what your soil needs, the quantities required and suggestions on how to apply them. 
The end result is a practical guide that you can follow step-by-step to return your soil to a healthy living state with the nutrients that your plants will love.

The Premium Soil Analysis Report

premium soil test report
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