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Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Family Health

STOP! Discover The Treasure In Your Backyard

It's Called Soil!

Why the veges just don't grow the way they did in Grandma's day

Soil Is A Priceless Living Organism 

How do you know if the soil in your backyard garden is vibrant with life and not full of harmful chemicals?

How do you know if the soil nutrients are primed to grow healthy food for your family?

Rich soil is teaming with life and organic nutrients. Human life depends on it.
Sadly, the soil in many Aussie backyards is dead or dying and deficient in minerals and nutrients.
We have relied on "miracle" chemicals and fertilisers that have killed our soils, not just on the nation's farms but in our own backyards.
Healthy food is our right. And it starts with healthy soils that grow healthy plants.
Dave Jarrett Organic Farming

Meet Dave Jarrett

Organic Gardening Consultant

Dave is a professional soil agronomist and an authority on anything organic for farmers and backyard gardeners alike.
Dave's passion is organic farming for our Aussie commercial growers and organic gardening for Aussie backyard gardeners.
Sustainable Soil Solutions is Dave's company that manages the soil testing  that is required for farmers to become organically certified growers. 

The Garden Shed Nursery At Palmwoods

One of Dave's long-time dreams has been to do for backyard gardeners what he does for Aussie farmers. 
That's why Dave set up The Garden Shed Nursery at Palmwoods..
Palmwoods is a friendly small town on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Thanks to Dave, it's now a major centre for organic farming and organic backyard gardening in Australia. 

How A Scientific Backyard Soil Test Can Save You Money And Boost Your Garden Harvest

One visit to your favorite nursery should convince you of some basic costly facts.

  1. There's an endless range of products on the shelves, all vying to boost your vege crops, improve your soil and beat the bugs and diseases. Yep, the best marketers win!
  2. It seems there's a fertiliser or chemical for every plant variety from A to B to C and a baffling range all the way down to Z.
  3. How do you know what your garden soil really does need? Experience helps. Guess-work generally wins out and that can be costly.
  4. How much are you spending on this range of chemical products and poisons - fertilisers, fungicides, pesticides, herbicides - hoping it will make a difference this year?
  5. Let's stop and think for a moment. A scientific soil analysis tells you exactly what your soil needs, how much is needed and makes suggestions on how best to apply it. 
The Results Speak For Themselves

With this scientific approach to backyard gardening you can stop throwing money at the problem in the hopes that your garden will improve. You can:

  • easily cover the cost of the soil test by giving the soil what it needs, not what you think it needs.
  • turn your backyard into a rich organic garden that produces lots of food for less money.
  • provide nutrient rich, healthy organic food for your family. Their health is worth it many times over.
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