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Organic All-In_One Fertiliser
Organic All-In-One Liquid Fertiliser is a by-product of the fishing industry in North Queensland. The fish come from the rich tropical waters of the north and the brewing process results in what we believe is the most nutrient rich liquid fertiliser on the market.

Organic All-In-One Liquid Fertiliser

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What Makes Organic All-In-One Liquid Fertiliser So Special For Backyard Gardeners?

1. It is a living organic fertiliser.
2. It is formulated from fish, kelp, humates and soil microbes. 
3. It is possibly the most nutrient rich organic fertiliser available.
4. It promotes healthy plant growth.
5. It conditions soil by stimulating soil microbe activity 
6. It is highly concentrated and so very economical.

In a nutshell, used right, All-In-One just makes plants grow - vegetables, flowers, fruit trees - all grow like crazy!! You'll love it.

Available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre containers.

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